July 01, 2017


This blog has been hijacked with ransomware ads.

My image hosting website has unilaterally changed the terms of the hosting agreement, and has hijacked my photos. They have temporarily disabled 3rd party hosting of some images in a crude attempt to extract more money from their users.  It’s corporate vandalism and ransomware.  But  you can still see all the images in my blog in the capture of the site in the Wayback Machine on June 14th.  In the future, I am going to switch over to a different image hosting website, Imgur.

Another warning.  Photobucket is plagued with pop-up ads, and even if you could open any of my images, you’d have to wade through a slew of corporate ads to get to the image.  It’s a bucket load of photo-crap!  You can, however, remove those ransomware ads through a workaround found by Fred Mason.  It’s a fix that helps to restore the hijacked pictures.  It’s not ideal, since every user has to install the add-on, or extension to his or her browser, and there are fixes for only two of the most popular browsers, for Firefox and Chrome.  Apparently, the fix works only for the http and not the https version of an afflicted website.  And it looks like Safari has not been fixed, as of yet.  All of this helps to reduce the ransomware, and hopefully it will never be ransomware redux.