March 01, 2022

This is how Moscow hijacked the history of Kyїvan Rus


                     cat in Kyiv  

Putin's genocidal War in Ukraine is  Putin's version of the Holodomor

 pbs newshour-documentary shows ukrainians fight for survival Ukraini the film from Russia and Belarus who support war

https:/ wikipedia, The Constitution Of Pylyp Orlyk

Kushner/Trump sold out America and pushed Saudi Arabia toward Russia eng/status/1632348706916712448 pic free borscht| Hero  of  Ukraine! Is Ukrainian Art & Culture?, the new EU trade sanctions include pens and nibs

nytimes video Russ soldiers in Bucha massacre identified

youtube, Zelensky's address to the joint meeting of Congress.

http// person-of-the-year-2022 volodymyr zelensky

https://the symbol of Ukrainian resistance, the letter “Ї”

Russian officers killed in UA

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putin mutiny

Vintage Pilot urn-shaped inkpot

Russia wages war to solve problem of its shrinking population

Russian soldier speaks out about Putin's war atrocities & lies

Russian army funding diverted to financing Putin's Palace

since Feb 24, ten Russian generals have been killed and six have been fired

Russian troops picking up presents for their families by stealing from Ukrainians

2022/6/30 Ukraine-army-hails-liberation-of-strategically-important-Snake-Island

https://book of russian torturers and executioners of Ukrainian

list of Russian generals killed during the 2022 war in Ukraine flags anti-war protests in Russia to Vladimir Putin in Russia against the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine


CBS News/volodymyr-zelenskyy-ukraine-president-on-face-the-nation/Apr 3, 2022



How Moscow hijacked the history of Kyivan Rus 

Turning wheat fields and blue skies into badlands and smoke. 

The Russians are burning Ukraine's wheat crop on purpose.