May 12, 2014

More Waterman’s First RHR

  , addendum to Waterman’s First RHR Pens.

        When I found this color image in an ad in Geyer’s Stationer, Apr 13, 1905, p.63, I thought that I had finally found an earlier RHR Waterman’s pen ad.  But it turned out to be a bust.  The ad consists of five ink bottles and traveling inkwells, or “pen fillers” as the ad calls them, and seven vest-pocket and chatelaine pen pouches, or pen “pockets” as the ad calls them.  At first it looked like there was a RHR Waterman’s fountain pen in one of the leather pen pockets, but if you blow the picture up, and look at it closely, there is a spiral of slightly darker reddish-black swirling through it.  It’s just a mottled pen, as it turns out.  The picture is part of a two-page ad, pages 63 and 64, and the other part of the ad, the one on the other page, consists of a line-up of pens.  The pens listed on the next page are shown in sizes #12 to #18, by the way, and are still said to be available only in “plain, mottled, and chased rubber”.  Oh, well . . .

   George Kovalenko.