June 16, 2014

Vintage Pen Repair Tools, Again

, my first message board series.


[Posted on L&P on May 27, June 1, 4, Sept 25, Oct 23, 2005, Sept 5, 2007, and Jan 30, 2012.]

I just noticed that “The Wayback Machine” in the Internet Archive somehow managed to preserve my first series of messages on the Lion & Pen message board in 2005.  All the titles in the list of messages in the “Pens Past” forum on Lion & Pen up to Apr 25, 2012 are preserved in Wayback, although only a few of the titles are linked to the actual messages.  Also, if the message thread is longer than 20 posts, then the links to the succeeding pages are also dead.

But fortunately, 2 out of
6 of the threads in the “Vintage Pen Repair Tools” series are archived at the following links.  What’s funny is that the message board colors vary and fluctuate according to when the messages were archived, sometimes years apart, even though they were all composed about the same time, and placed on the message board within days of one another.

Vintage Pen Repair Tools, 1
Vintage Pen Repair Tools, 2-dead link, pic 1, pic  2.
Vintage Pen Repair Tools, 3-dead link, pic 1.
Vintage Pen Repair Tools, 4 
Vintage Pen Repair Tools, 5-dead link, pic 1.
Vintage Pen Repair Tools, 6-dead link, pic 1, pic  2.
Vintage Pen Repair Shop, 7-dead link, now in another blog post.
A seventh message about “A Vintage Pen Repair Shop” that I found in my city was archived, but the URL in the archive is a dead link.  Another one that does survive in the archive is the thread with the Francis Cashel Brown biographies.  I also updated the link for Lion & Pen in the “Vintage Links” on the right-hand side of my home page.
George Kovalenko.