November 13, 2015

The ‘St. George’ Pen

[Posted on L&P on Aug 13, 2010.]
        US trademark no. 41,432 issued to Armeny & Marion for “Fountain-Pens” on Nov 10, 1903, used since Oct 1, 1903, is for the name “St. George”, and not for the familiar image of St. George as a knight in armor on horseback fighting a dragon with a fountain pen as a lance, an image that they printed on the barrels of their pens.  You can see it
here in the PDF of the Trade-Marks of the Jewelry and Kindred Trades, 1904, on p.143.  Does anyone have any pictures of the pens made by Armeny & Marion?  Change the letter “b” in the URL for the PDF to the letter “a” to find the first half of the text of the book.

George Kovalenko.


P.S.  Did you notice that the lead trademarks in the last two posts had consecutive numbers?