February 01, 2016

The Lamy Tipofold

  , a fantasy, fake ballpoint, or the Lamy Tipo revisited and re-vised.


[Posted on Pentrace on May 11, 12, 22-24, 2008.]
        I really like the Lamy Tipo.  It’s a rollerball pen, but my friend Glenn Craig figured out that you can use a Pilot G2 Gel refill in the pen, so I thought I would improve its looks.

        This is what an orange Lamy Tipo looks like, but I took the orange one, and cross-pollinated it in Photoshop with the one with the aluminum section, or hand grip, and got this one.  It might also look good with a gold-filled, or gold-color anodized aluminum cone tip and clip.  But then it might not be a cheap pen anymore.  I asked whether someone knew how to photoshop the silver color into a 10K-gold color, and Steve K. on Pentrace obliged with this one.  “Is this what you had in mind for gold trim?”, he wrote.  “Way to go!”, I wrote, “That looks great”.  The Lamy Noto, alas not a stylograph, but a ballpoint, also looks good in orange except it shouldn’t be triangular (there is no way to photoshop that out), which causes it to go out-of-alignment, lopsided, and uneven at the joint, either with normal use, or with over-tightening.  It will cause it to go, not out of round, but out of triangular!
        Now, if that’s what a Lamy
Tipo usually looks like, then how about a Lamy Tipo Duofold, or rather, the Lamy Tipofold in the above picture?  It makes for a nice orange writing stick.  Now, if someone out there can Photoshop this image and turn it into an all-orange Lamy Tipo, then it would be a Lamy Tipo Cardinal.  Again Steve K. responded with this one.  And I posted this one, based upon this Parker Duofold RHR pencil, and this Waterman’s Cardinal pencil.
        “More please!”, Rena on Pentrace pleaded.  And Steve K. offered up
this pencil, and this pen.  And if it had two narrow bands instead of one, it would be like a Waterman’s #7 pencil in Cardinal red, or a Gel ballpen in Cardinal red.
        The nice thing about the Pilot G2 gel refill is that it writes almost like a fountain pen, and now the Lamy Tipo is my favorite doodlestick.  It’s the only reason that I even bother with a ball pen.  It writes like a dream.  I prefer the 0.5mm refill, which is great for making interlinial interlineal analogue corrections.  There!  I just made an intralineal digital correction.

P.S.  The Pilot
“Juice” gel pen also uses the G2 refill, but with an extended range of 36 ink colors!  And you might also be interested in this blog post with a pic of the full range of Lamy pen colors.  If they can make it in all-gray, no black at all, then they can make it in all-orange, or all-flame.

George Kovalenko.