March 25, 2016

Index of US patents, 1842-1969

  , and designs and trademarks, in Hathitrust.

From “The Progress Of Invention During The Past Fifty Years”, in The Scientific American,
July 25, 1896, pp.82-83, and 91-94, a graph of inventions-per-year from 1846 to 1896.

        Here’s another table with the yearly USPTO patent and design statistics for the years 1836 to 1919 from the Annual Report of the Commissioner of Patents for the year 1919, pp.v, vi, which could be used to extend the graph to 1919, and draw graphs of the designs and trademarks. But all the volumes for the years 1842-1973 are on Hathi in a few different sets.  The primary set covers the years 1842-1973, a secondary set covers 1842-1921, and a tertiary set covers 1842-1922, but you’ll have to add ;view=1up;seq=1 to the URLs of the individual volumes for full view.  If I had access to these volumes in hard copy in the 1990s, I would have finished the two volumes of my patent book a lot sooner.  Shame on all of us, all you Americans and me, for not having found them a lot sooner.  Y’all know what happened.  We had to wait for them to be placed online.
         I posted a list of patents for a pen company on L&P on Aug 8, 2005, and Dave Johannsen wrote, “I was going through your list when I hatched my theory”.  And I wrote, “One reason why I try to get as much patent information out there as possible is so that I can watch others do their research and hatch their theories.  Think of it as a forward pass, a long bomb, maybe even a “Hail Mary”.  I throw it out there, and then watch other people run with it.  Everyone has a different take, or viewpoint, or perspective, and it’s very gratifying to see what theories other people will hatch from all the information”.
        I will place my own distilled, chronologically-arranged list of links for the online, searchable annual indexes of issued patents here eventually, once I finish it off, so keep checking back.

George Kovalenko.

Annual Reports Of The Commissioner Of Patents, 1842-1919.

Index Of Patents Issued From The United States Patent Office, 1920-69.