March 27, 2014

Essential Pen Research Tools

[Posted on L&P on Aug 22, 2012.]
These are the essential research tools that you’ll need in order to do pen history.

–Bibliography of pen books & articles, and a pen-book library to go with it. 
Hardcopy and digital lists of f-pen patents, 1799-1911, and 1911-57. 
List of patentees, alphabetically by surname, by Michael Kidd. 
USPTO, Google Patents, EPO, and online. 
Alphabetical list of Penmakers and pen companies. 
The American Stationer, hardcopy and digital. 
An illustrated list of pen terms, by anyone. 
Court cases, by Antonios Zavaliangos. 
Court cases on 
Censuses on 
A database of pen pics. 
Archived pen boards.

George Kovalenko.


Also see GARR, and all the “Vintage Links” in the sidebar at the right.