November 09, 2014

Pen Catalogues Online


      David Armstrong
posted on FPN that there are some vintage pen company catalogues available online through the Internet Archive.  He placed them in chronological order in groups by company name in an easily searchable index list on his website.  There is some controversy over the source of the PDFs, which originally came from the PCA library, but that is an issue for the Internet Archive to deal with.  There are also lots of pen company catalogues available for purchase on Bill Acker’s website.
      For those who can’t find the documents in the Internet Archive, here they are.  Click on the links in the column at the left to see the individual catalogues, which are, as David Armstrong said, “not chronological and are named a bit oddly”.

Waterman’s, 16 items

Parker’s, 4 items, 7 items, 7 items

George Kovalenko.