December 28, 2014

Jewelry Trademarks 1922

, and 1904.

        Here is the 1922 volume of the Trademarks of the Jewelry and Kindred Trades, the hardest volume to find.  I was just looking through the statistics for my blog, and I found a curious “Referring URL” in the “Traffic Sources” in my “Blogger Dashboard”.  The URL was for the Hathi Trust, which I use a lot for making references to specific issues of stationery magazines.  I prefer the Hathi Trust online references, which are universally clickable, to the Google Books online references, which are clickable only within the US.  Well, as I was looking through the list of featured databases in the above Hathi reference, I stumbled upon this one, the complete volume of the 1922 jewelry trademarks.;view=1up;seq=1

As well, here’s a short version of the 1922 marks from the “Chicago Silver” website.  [Thanks to Cheryl Bynum, a jewelry collector, for the link.]

        The original volume of the long version is from the Harvard University library, and it is downloadable only by logging in with a partner institution, but you can always view it online, anytime.  Alternatively, Hathi allows downloading of PDFs of individual pages one at a time, and the website facilitates easy online citations of the whole volume, or individual pages.  Here’s the first page of the pen section within the context of the whole volume.;view=1up;seq=314

And here’s the individual image of page 288, or pageview 316.;seq=316;width=1250

The fountain pen and mechanical pencil company section begins on page 286 of the hardcopy and goes to page 295, but the online version in Hathi goes from pageview 314 to pageview 323.
        There were various editions published in 1896, 1904, 1915, 1922, 1943, and 1950.  Cheryl tells me there is also a 1909 supplement to the 1904 edition.  The PDFs of the 1904 edition can be found online at the following two links.  The pen and pencil section starts near the beginning of the second part, on hardcopy page 142, and pageview 13.

        Paolo Demuro, a pen collector in Italy, also sent me these alternate links to the 1904 trademarks.  –July 2, 2017.

        Does anyone know of any other online editions for the other years?

   George Kovalenko.