September 01, 2015

Printers’ Ink magazine

, and Printers’ Ink Monthly magazine.

The volumes of Printers’ Ink in these Hathi Trust links were scanned variously from the holdings of the libraries of the universities of California, Michigan, Minneapolis, and Princeton.  Here’s the link for the
full record.  The links in the full record are OCR text only, so to see full imagery, you’ll have to add the suffix ;view=1up;seq=1 at the ends of the URLs, as in the links below.

Printers’ Ink
v.14, 1896,;view=1up;seq=1
v.15, 1896,;view=1up;seq=1
v.16, 1896,;view=1up;seq=1
v.17, 1896,;view=1up;seq=1
v.18-19, 1897,;view=1up;seq=1
v.20-21, 1897,;view=1up;seq=1
v.22-23, 1898,;view=1up;seq=1

v.26-27, 1899,;view=1up;seq=1
v.28-29, 1899,;view=1up;seq=1

v.36, 1901,;view=1up;seq=1
v.37, 1901,;view=1up;seq=1
v.38, 1902,;view=1up;seq=1
v.39, 1902,;view=1up;seq=1
v.40, 1902,;view=1up;seq=1
v.41, 1902,;view=1up;seq=1
v.42-43, 1903,;view=1up;seq=1
v.44-45, 1903,;view=1up;seq=1
v.46-47, 1904,;view=1up;seq=1

v.58-59, 1907,;view=1up;seq=1
v.60-61, 1907,;view=1up;seq=1
v.62-63, 1908,;view=1up;seq=1
v.64-65, 1908,;view=1up;seq=1

v.68-69, 1909,;view=1up;seq=1
v.70, 1910,;view=1up;seq=1
v.71, 1910,;view=1up;seq=1
v.72, 1910,;view=1up;seq=1
v.73, 1910,;view=1up;seq=1
v.74, 1911,;view=1up;seq=1
v.75, 1911,;view=1up;seq=1
v.76, 1911,;view=1up;seq=1
v.77, 1911,;view=1up;seq=1

v.79, 1912,;view=1up;seq=1
v.80, 1912,;view=1up;seq=1
v.81, 1912,;view=1up;seq=1

v.84, 1913,;view=1up;seq=1
v.85, 1913,;view=1up;seq=1

v.88, 1914,;view=1up;seq=1
v.89, 1914,;view=1up;seq=1
v.90, 1915,;view=1up;seq=1
v.91, 1915,;view=1up;seq=1

v.93, 1915,;view=1up;seq=1

v.98, 1917,;view=1up;seq=1
v.99, 1917,;view=1up;seq=1
v.100, 1917,;view=1up;seq=1
v.101, 1917,;view=1up;seq=1
v.102, 1918,;view=1up;seq=1
v.103, 1918,;view=1up;seq=1
v.104, 1918,;view=1up;seq=1
v.105, 1918,;view=1up;seq=1
v.106, 1919,;view=1up;seq=1
v.107, 1919,;view=1up;seq=1
v.108, 1919,;view=1up;seq=1
v.109, 1919,;view=1up;seq=1
v.110, 1920,;view=1up;seq=1
v.111, 1920,;view=1up;seq=1
v.112, 1920,;view=1up;seq=1
v.113, 1920,;view=1up;seq=1
v.114, 1921,;view=1up;seq=1
v.115, 1921,;view=1up;seq=1
v.116, 1921,;view=1up;seq=1
v.117, 1921,;view=1up;seq=1
v.118, 1922,;view=1up;seq=1
v.119, 1922,;view=1up;seq=1
v.120, 1922,;view=1up;seq=1
v.121, 1922,;view=1up;seq=1

The volumes of Printers’ Ink Monthly in these Hathi Trust links were scanned variously from the holdings of the libraries of the universities of California, Michigan, and Minneapolis.  Here’s the link for the
full record.

Printers’ Ink Monthly
v.1, 1919-20,$c201125;view=1up;seq=1
v.1, 1919-20,;view=1up;seq=1
v.1, 1920,;view=1up;seq=1
v.1-2, 1919-21,;view=1up;seq=1
v.2, 1920-21,;view=1up;seq=1
v.3, 1921,$c201127;view=1up;seq=1
v.3-4, 1921-22,;view=1up;seq=1
v.4, 1921-22,$c201128;view=1up;seq=1
        , including another Waterman’s Ink-Blot story,
Dec 1921, pp.62-69.
v.5, 1922,$c201129;view=1up;seq=1
v.5, 1922,;view=1up;seq=1
v.6, 1923,;view=1up;seq=1

George Kovalenko.