September 24, 2015

The Goble Inkwell

        You all know, by now, how much I like globe ink bottles, however, that’s not a misspelling in the title.  But it is globe-shaped.  What I’m talking about here is James D. Goble’s US patent no. 2,088,952 for an “Inkwell”, which is described in the specifications as “spherical, or ball-shaped”, but it could also be characterized as global, or rather globle-shaped.
        There’s also Waterman’s globe inkwell, US patent no.
1,762,103, which is probably better described as a Waterman’s fountain pen and globe deskset, or “fountain pen and stand therefor”.  But it’s really just a half-globe deskset.  It’s not global, it’s hemispherical.  It was only available in BHR and Ripple, but it would have been spectacular in all-RHR.

 George Kovalenko.