September 15, 2015

Two Crossed Nibs

[Posted on L&P on May 8, and 10, 2010.]
        US trademark no.
6,078 by Norris H. Spaulding from May 14, 1878, and used since 1873, is for the name “N. Hubbard” and an image of two crossed nibs.  US trademark no. 9,699 by Warren N. Lancaster from Sept 26, 1882, and used since April that year, is for two crossed fountain pens and the words “The Lancaster Government”.  US trademark no. 67,088 by The Firm Of Johann Faber, for wooden pencils and erasers on Jan 14, 1908, and used since Aug 2, 1879, is for the words “Johann Faber” and an image of two crossed hammers.  I found the above lapel pin quite a few years ago.  And my publisher’s emblem, i.e., the hammer & pen, or penmaker, or pensmith image, conflates some elements from all of these images.

George Kovalenko.